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Naturism in Fact and Fiction

Although around 2% of British and American adults regard themselves as naturists, and up to a quarter have swum or sunbathed nude, the proportion of characters in contemporary fiction who enjoy social nudity and skinny-dipping is vastly less than this. Heroes and heroines can be found enjoying art galleries or jazz, jigsaw puzzles or fly-fishing, but naturism is rarely mentioned. Inspector Morse's passions for classical music, real ale and crossword puzzles help to show that he has a life outside the police force, but why couldn't he (or Seargeant Lewis) relax with a naturist swimming session on a winter weekend? Are naturists so peculiar that we aren't worth including even as distant cousins or minor acquaintances of the leading characters? This part of NUFF is an attempt to provide comprehensive information on the tiny amount of material which does deal with naturists and naturism, and to collect together as many references as possible to non-sexual nudity in fiction.

Some of this information has been aired on newsgroups rec.nude and uk.rec.naturist, and a significant source is Charles Daney's highly-recommended "Being and Nakedness" site. Wherever possible, I have avoided duplicating his information, and link to material on his site.

Nudity in fiction is normally present for its erotic or titillating impact. Unless I feel there is some point to be made, I have tried to ignore such material. Sometimes the writer appears to want their character to do something a little naughty, creating a tension as to whether or not they will be discovered - and some naturists certainly seem want to keep their naturism quiet. At other times, the writing is simply about enjoying the sensuous pleasure of freedom from unnecessary clothing. This last features many times - it isn't specifically about naturism, but it certainly illustrates part of the pleasure naturists experience.

To assist the reader, all stories are given ratings on three aspects: the amount of nudity, the relevance to naturism, and a recommendation as a good read. Naturally, these are all subjective!

You can access the stories detailed here in several ways:

  1. an alphabetical list of authors

  2. an alphabetical list of titles

  3. a list in chronological order of first publication

There are also some notes on naturism in the theatre, but I have decided that cinema coverage will not be included: there is an enormous amount of material, and there are is already a useful Webpage detailing around 150 relevant films - further information on most of which is readily available via the Internet Movie Database.

I have included a couple of non-fiction books which include naturist nudity. These are clearly stories rather than sociological analyses - if you want a guide to a wide range of non-fiction naturist publications then once again Charles Daney is strongly recommended.

While hunting around bookshops, libraries, and the Internet, I have sometimes turned up books which weren't on anybody's list of nude tales, yet appeared to be likely candidates for this site. Some did contain social nudity, albeit usually with little naturist interest, and those are accessible via the lists above. Others had nothing of relevance. I have listed the latter so you don't get unduly excited should you encounter these misleading titles.

As on Charles Daney's site, many of the stories come from science fiction. Possible reasons for this are amongst the matters considered in the Notes section.

Suggestions for additional material to be included in any of the sections are most welcome, as are your own views and reviews. Please email these to me. I am very grateful to all those who have suggested additional stories.

Updated to Edition VI, 2006 April 24 - at least six months later than intended. More than thirty new yarns have been added to Edition V of 2005 April, and many pages have had major or minor updates. There is now information on 169 titles and 112 authors (excluding those considered not to be relevant), and the timeline has entries for 70 distinct years, including every year from 1955 through 1989 (why are 1954, 1990, 1994 and 1995 not represented yet?) To assist return visitors, the revised and additional material has been identified by sublists on the author, title and publication date lists. In an effort to provide the fullest possible information, and to reduce the number of titles where I could not offer "previous" and/or "next chronological links, I have done my best to determine dates of first publication to the month and, where possible, day. More work is needed here, and any precise dates about tales with a "???" month/day entry would be very welcome. There has also been an increase in information about the number of tales which promise nudity but either fail to deliver it, or deliver only non-naturist nudity.

I apologise for the significant delay in delivering this latest update - clearly I spent too much time reading and not enough time writing, and I've avoided reading books from the waiting list since before Christmas. There is more than enough material waiting to be read to provide another substantial update. Also, I can barely keep up with the appearance of new material, although the number of books to be acquired has finally dropped. Watch this space!

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